• L-Glutamine


    L-Glutamine Product Name:L-Glutamine CAS:56-85-9 Assay:98.5%~101.5% Appearance: White crystals or crystalline powder Specifications ofL-Glutamine: Items ...
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  • L-Pyroglutamic acid

    L-Pyroglutamic acid

    L-Pyroglutamic acid Product Name: L-Pyroglutamic Acid CAS NO.: 98-79-3 Quality Standard: AJI92/FCCIV/EP/BP Applications: amino acid Nutritional supplement Specifications of L-Pyroglutamic Ac...
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  • Taurine


    Taurine JP8 Powder CAS No.: 107-35-7 Other Names: taurine MF: C2H7NSO3 EINECS No.: 203-483-8 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Nutrition Enhance...
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  • DL-Aspartic Acid

    DL-Aspartic Acid

    Product Name DL- Aspartic Acid CAS No. 617-45-8 Molecular Fo...
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  • L-Glutamic acid Hcl

    L-Glutamic acid Hcl

    L-Glutamic acid Hcl CAS: 138-15-8 Molecular Formula: C5H9NO4•HCI Molecular Weight: 183.59 Properties: White crystals or crystalline powder Use: Used to improve the bitter taste of ...
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  • L-Alanine


    L-Alanine CAS NO.: 56-41-7 Molecular formula: C3H7NO2 Molecular weight: 89.09 Quality standard: AJ192 、 USP24 、 FCCIV Appearance: White crystal powder Uses: use...
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  • L-Leucine


    L-Leucine CAS NO.: 61-90-5 Molecular formula: C6H13NO2 Molecular weight: 131.17 Product standard: AJI,USP Character:White crystalline powder Applications: L-Leucine can be used as a nut...
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  • L-Isoleucine


    L-Isoleucine CAS NO.73-32-5 Product name: L-Isoleucine   Description:White crystals or crystalline powder,slightly bitter taste. Identifications:AJ192 /USP24 /FCCIV CAS NO.: 73-32-5 Molecular ...
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  • L-Valine


    L-Valine CAS:72-18-4 HS CODE: 2932999099 Appearance: White crystalline powder, odorless, lightly sweet but then bitter, freely soluble in water, very slightly soluble in ethanol. Assay:98.5% ~ 101.5% Specification: U...
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  • BCAA(2:1:1, 4:1:1)

    BCAA(2:1:1, 4:1:1)

    BCAA(2:1:1, 4:1:1) Essential aminos leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Specification: 2:1:1; 4:1:1; 8:1:1 CAS: 69430-36-0  Specifications of BCAA: ITEMS ...
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  • L-Aspartic Acid

    L-Aspartic Acid

    L-Aspartic Acid CAS NO:56-84-8 Molecular formula:C4H7NO4 Molecular weight:133.10 M-Specifications of Aspartic Acid: Item Specifica...
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  • L-Arginine


    L-Arginine CAS:74-79-3 EINECS:200-811-1 HS CODE:2914700090 Molecular formula:C6H14N4O2 Molecular weight:174.20 Product standard:AJI,USP Character:White crystalline powder U...
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  • L-Arginine HCL

    L-Arginine HCL

    L-Arginine HCL Product Name: L-Arginine HCL CAS:1119-34-2 Molecular Formula: C6H15ClN4O2 Molecular Weight: 210.66 Description: L-Arginine HCL is a monohydrochloride salt of L-arginine, L-...
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  • L-Cystine


    L-Cystine CAS No: 56-89-3 Molecule Formula:C 6 H 12 N 2 O 4 S 2 Molecule Weight:240.30   D...
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  • L-Serine


    L-Serine Product Name: L-Serine Molecular Formula: C3H7NO3 Molecular Weight 105.09 CAS:56-45-1 EINECS:200-274-3 Standard: FCCI/AJI92/ BP98/USP28/EP5.2 ...
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  • L-Tyrosine


    L-Tyrosine; CAS NO.60-18-4 Standard: FCCI/AJI92/ BP98/USP28/EP5.2 Item FCCIV BP98/USP28/EP5.2 ...
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