• PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

    PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

    Manufacturer of PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone PQQ Pyrroloquinoline quinone __ Relatively newly discovered vitamin-like nutrient related to the B-vitamin&nb...
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  • Vitamin K2 with MK-4, MK-7, MK-9

    Vitamin K2 with MK-4, MK-7, MK-9

    Vitamin K2 with MK-4, MK-7, MK-9 Vitamin K2(20),MK-4 with CAS: 863-61-6 or 11032-49-8 Vitamin K2(35),MK-7 with CAS: 27670-94-6 Vitamin K2(45),MK-9 with CAS: 523-39-7 Vitamin K2- a new&nbs...
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  • Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin

    Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin

    Cyanocobalamin Standard : CP2010 USP43 EP10.0 Packing : 5000g/tin 1000g/tin 100g/tin Description : Crimson crystals or crystalline powder, flavorless and tasteless. Easy to absorb moisture. Decomposed when exposed to light. Slight...
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  • Vitamin B12 Mecobalamin

    Vitamin B12 Mecobalamin

    Vitamin B12 Mecobalamin Product Name Mecobalamin (Methylcobalamin) Vitamin B12 Characters ...
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  • Vitamin B12 Food Additive

    Vitamin B12 Food Additive

    Vitamin B12 Food Additive Standard:Export Standard Specification: Vitamin B12 1% 2% 5% Carrier: Corn starch,Mannitol,Lactose,Di-calcium Phosphate Character:  Vitamin B12 Pale red p...
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  • Vitamin B12 Feed Additive

    Vitamin B12 Feed Additive

    Vitamin B12 Feed Additive Standard : GB/T9841-2006 Export Standard Specification: 1% 5% Carrier: Corn starch, Calcium Carbonate Character: Pale red powder, easy to absorb moisture Function: 1.Promote livestock and poultr...
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  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Alpha Lipoic Acid Quality Standard: USP32/EP6.0/JAPANESE STANDARD GRANULAR CAS No.: 1077-28-7 Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S2 Molecular Weight:206.32 Packing: 5kg/10kg/25kg&n...
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  • R(+) Alpha Lipoic Acid

    R(+) Alpha Lipoic Acid

    R(+) Alpha Lipoic Acid In-house standard CAS NO.: 1200-22-2 Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S2 Molecular Weight:206.33 Packing: 5kg/drum, 25KG/DRUM ...
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  • Coenzyme Q10

    Coenzyme Q10

    COENZYME Q10  Other Names:ubiquinone, ubidecarenone, coenzyme Q CAS:303-98-0 Appearance: Yellow to orange yellow crystalline powder Specifications:  Coenzyme Q10 98%, Fat soluble ...
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  • Vitamin H (Biotin)

    Vitamin H (Biotin)

    Vitamin H (Biotin) Product Name:Vitamin H (Biotin) Other Names: D-Biotin; Biotin; Vitamin B7; Vitamin H (D-Biotin); D-Biotin pure; VH; Vitamin H CAS: 58-85-5 EINECS: 200-399-3 MF: ...
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  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

    Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

    Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) Product Name: Folic acid CAS: 59-30-3 EINECS No.:200-419-0 Molecular Formula:C19H19N7O6     Molecular Weight: 441.4   Assay: 95.0%~102.0% ...
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  • Vitamin K1

    Vitamin K1

    Vitamin K1 CAS:84-80-0 Synonym: Phytomenadione, phylloquinone Type:Vitamin Ingredients Characteristics:Yellow to orange transparent viscous liquid; Odourless or almost odourless. M...
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  • ​​​​Pyridoxal hydrochloride

    ​​​​Pyridoxal hydrochloride

    Pyridoxal hydrochloride CAS: 62-22-5 Product Name:Pyridoxal hydrochloride CAS: 62-22-5 Molecular formula:C8H10ClNO3 Molecular weight:203.6229 Appearance:White to l...
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  • Pyridoxal-5-phosphate


    Pyridoxal-5-phosphate CAS:54-47-7 Pyridoxal 5-phosphate monohydrate CAS:41468-25-1 MF: C8H10NO6P MW:247.1419 Appearance: Light yellow or almost white powder. Functions: Pyridoxal 5-phosph...
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  • D-Calcium Pantothenate Vitamin B5

    D-Calcium Pantothenate Vitamin B5

    D-Calcium Pantothenate Vitamin B5 Product Name: D-Calcium Pantothenate Other Names: Vitamin B5,Dextro-calcium pantothenate CAS: 137-08-6 HS Code:2936240000 MF: C1...
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  • Vitamin C Coated 97%

    Vitamin C Coated 97%

    Vitamin C  C oated  97% Applications: Mainly used to add in a variety of feed Wide range of effects ; Good stability ; High utilization rate ; Easy to use and good effect ;...
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