Carrageenan Carrageenan Carrageenan Carrageenan Carrageenan


  • Appearance: fine granulometry powder
  • Category: Thickeners, Stabilizers
  • E Number: E407 E407a
  • CAS No: 9000-07-1
  • HS Code: 1302391100
  • Packing: 25kgs Per Woven Plastic Bag
  • Storage: Kept in cool and dry place
  • Grade: Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Product Details

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Carrageenan Series:

  • Iota Carrageenan
  • Iota Refined Carrageenan
  • Iota Semi-Refined Carrageenan
  • Kappa Carrageenan
  • Kappa Refined Carrageenan
  • Kappa Semi-Refined Carrageenan
  • Carrageenan 1200
  • Carrageenan 1300
  • Carrageenan 1450

Kappa Refined Carrageenan CAS No 11114-20-8 Food Grade Additives


1. Carrageenan is a white or off-white, odorless powder, extracted mainly from Chondrus ocellatus. Kappahycus alvarezii and Eucheuma cottonii. It has a high water solubility which is completely dissolved at 80 to form a heat reversible gel. i.e. turns into solution when heated, forms a gel when cooled down.

2. Carrageenan has been used as a natural food additives all over the world for long history. It's a harmless vegetable fiber which cannot be digested by humans. Carrageenan has gelling, thickneing, emulsifying, membrane and stabilizing properties. When carrageenan is applied in combination with other food gels, the synergies between them canb greatly improve the gelling effect, contributing to a higher gel elasticity and better water retention.

3. As a gelling agent, thickening agent or suspending agent, carrageenan is widely used in the production of jellies, chewy candies, beverages, meat products, dairy products, baking products, and sauces, The 70% total dietary fiber content also makes carrageenan a popular material in nutritional foods.


Items Standards Results
Appearance White to yellowish powder or granule Qualified
Identification Pass test Qualified
Particle size 95% passed 80 mesh Qualified
Viscosity(1.5%,75℃)/mPa.s ≥5 98

Gel strength(TA.XT) (1.5%+0.2%KCl 20 ℃)/g/cm2

≥1300 1420
Loss on drying(105℃,4h),w/% ≤12.0 11.5
Ash(550℃) , w/% 15-40 19.9
PH(1%) 8~11 8.6
Sulphates(SO42-),w/% 15-40 Qualified
Acid-insoluble ash, w/% ≤1 Qualified
Acid-insoluble matter, w/% ≤2 Qualified
Solvent residues, w/% ≤0.1 Qualified
Lead (Pb) /mg/kg ≤5.0 Qualified
Arsenic (As) /mg/kg ≤3.0 Qualified
Mercury (Hg) /mg/kg ≤1.0 Qualified
Cadmium (Cd) /mg/kg ≤2.0 Qualified
Total plate count/(CFU/g) ≤5000 200
Yeast and moulds/(CFU/g) ≤300 Qualified
E.Coli Absent in 5g Qualified
Salmonella Absent in 5g Qualified

Medicinal grade carrageenan

Medicinal grade carrageenan we have kappa and iota two types. It is based on food grade carrageenan, and mainly used in capsule shell production, and have low viscosity, high purity, good transparency and stability features. r used in soft candy and ice cream production.

Food grade carrageenan

Food grade carrageenan have kappa refined, kappa semi-refined, iota refined, iota semi-refined four types. It can be as a good food firming agent, it can replace agar or pectin in jelly production. It's high transparency and elasticity, stability and emulsibility can be better used in soft candy and ice cream production.

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