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Agar Agar Manufacturer

  • Specifications: Agar Agar Powder, Agar Agar Strips
  • Gel Strength: 600gel~1300gel
  • Applications: food thickeners
  • Package: 10kg/bag, 20kg/drum, 25kg/carton
  • Raw Material: Seaweed, specifically Red Sea algae
  • HS Code: 1302310000
  • Agar Agar Annual Output: 5000tons/year
  • Product Details

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Agar Agar is a mixture of a neutral, dominating polysaccharide called "Agarose" and a charged polymer called "Agaropectin". The agarose is composed of (1-4) linked 3,6-anhydro -a- - L - galactose alternating with (1-3) linked - b - D - galactose. As a soluable jelly, especially in boiled water Agar has two states: Agar strips and Agar powder. Even lowed the density to 1%, Agar can still be relatively stable jelly, thus Agar Agar has an important character in industry, being the necessary materials in Food Industry,Chemical Industry and Medicine and Science Research.

In Food Industry, Agar Agar has the following characteristics: Stabilizing and coagulating, can be widely used in producing drink, icecream, sugar, canned food, meat products etc, as coagulant, densifying agent,emulsifying agent,keeping fresh agent, stabilizing agent ,floation agent.

1. Agar Agar Powder
Agar agar's Gel /Jelly strength: 600-1300g/cm2
Loss on drying : 12%max
Residue after burning 5.0%max
Hot water insoluble 1.0%max
Starch assay( add two drops of iodine solution): no blue color appearance
Appearance: from white to light yellow powder
Heavy Metal(calculated by Pb):<20pp
Agar Agar Packed in 25kgs plastic woven bags/carton, 20kg/drum or 10kgs per iron drum .

2. Agar Agar Strips

Agar Agar Powder's Gel /Jelley strength: 600g/CM2 Min.
Loss on drying 22%max
Residue after burning 5.0%max
Hot water insoluble 1.0%max
Water absorption ability 75ml max
Starch assay( add two drops of iodine solution): no blue color appearance

Agar Agar Strips Packed in 10kgs plastic woven bags, 2.5tons/20'container.

We can also do Agar agar with OEM packing.

Agar Agar Applications:
Agar Agar can be directly eaten as a cold dish after adding some boiled watter into one spoonful of agar(l:50) in a cup.It will taste better when it gets cooler.Sweet or salty taste could be as your will.With 100 times water,it could be boiled into liquid.Then adding white sugar of crystal sugar or oher flavors,edible pigment.etc.It could be taken after being stirred into condensed.When you cook chicken,duck or pork soup,if you may put 1% agar in the soup,after boiling¡¢it will become first class jelly soup.
Agar strips should have been sufficiently soaked and extended in water before being put into boiled water,so as to enable them to be quickly soluble, usually for more than 12 hour's soaking. Agar can't be mixed with Acid products, or the effect would be lessened.
Agar will form gels at approximately 35C but once formed does not melt below 85C.

Food Industry:
1.Granular Orange Drink:As a floating agent,Agar's density is 0.01-0.05%,can make granulars
harmoiously floating.
2.Juice Soft Sweets:The soft sweets which made of 2.5% Agar together with glucose and white sugar
have better flavour than others.
3.Canned Meat & Meat Products:Use 0.2-0.5% Agar as an efficient jelly of meat pieces.
4.BaBao Gluery, Canned White-Fungus:Use 0.3-0.5% Agar as densifying agent and stabilizing agent.
5.Cold dish: Clean Agar with water and put it into boiled water,make it extend, scoop up from
water,add season,then they are ediable.
6.Fruit Jelly:We can make high elasticity jelly of 0.1-0.3% Agar and lactose.
Other Industry:
1)Defecation for Beer: As a subsidiary defecating agent,Agar can accelerate and improve defecating.
2)Cultivate-base for Microorganism.Use Agar,has a very nice effect,which has been approved by WATON.
3)Ointment-base, tablet glue agent and Capsule:As an unoiled Ointment base Agar can extend the efficacy of a drug.

Keep dry,the temprature of 18-25C would be better.Can't be storaged with great-smell products.

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