L-Menthyl Lactate L-Menthyl Lactate L-Menthyl Lactate L-Menthyl Lactate L-Menthyl Lactate

L-Menthyl Lactate

  • CAS NO: Menthyl Lactate 59259-38-0
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Package: 1Kg/aluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Fiber Drum
  • Manufacturer: Lifelong Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Export Market: European, South American, North American, Asian and African etc
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L-Menthyl Lactate

Synonyms: L-MENTHYL LACTATE 97%; L-Menthyl lactate; L-(-)-Menthyl L-Lactate

CAS: 59259-38-0


Melting point:40℃

Purity: 99%min

Quality Standard: GB28338-2012

Packing: 1Kg/aluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Fiber Drum

Menthyl Lactate (Menthyl Lactate, ML), Lactic acid methyl ester is a mint derivative, long-lasting and odorless cooling agent. Menthyl lactate hasa slight mint aroma, almost tasteless, but with a long-lasting and pleasant cooling effect, it was recognized as excellent and no bad Cooling agents that react such as burning, irritation, and tingling are mainly used in products such as daily chemical products, pharmaceutical preparations, oral products, and candy.
Characters: Long-acting cooling agent

The advantages of menthyl lactate:
1. No skin irritation: No irritation to mucous membranes, so it is suitable for products with sensitive skin.
2. Does not cover up the fragrance:Due toonly a weak smell, you can freely choose the fragrance to suit your market concept. A refreshing product without a mint smell is possible.
3. Long-lasting cooling effect: It has a long-lasting cooling effect and can prepare refreshing and pleasant cooling products.
4. Easy to use: The product is crystalline, which is very easy to disperse, which simplifies the manufacturing process.
5. Compatibility: Menthyl lactate has good compatibility and does not affect other properties of the product.

Powdered Cooling Agent Menthyl Lactate ML Applications:

It is widely used in cosmetics, skincare products, food, beverages, toothpaste, medicine, tobacco, and other different industries.
Menthyl lactate can be mixed with oils, flavors, and glycols, and added to the emulsion at about 35°C to 40°C. Of course, cold processing is also possible.
Recommended usage: 0.1-2.0%

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