Vitamin K1 Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1

  • Product Name: Vitamin K1
  • Specifications: Vitamin K1 oil/Vitamin K1 powder
  • Packing: 20kg/25kg paper drum
  • Manufacturer: Lifelong Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Export Market: European, South American, North American, Asian and African etc
  • Product Details

Vitamin K1


Synonym: Phytomenadione, phylloquinone

Type:Vitamin Ingredients

Characteristics:Yellow to orange transparent viscous liquid; Odourless or almost odourless.

Molecular formula:C31H46O2

Molecular weight:450.705

Quality Standard:CP2015, USP39, BP2008, EP VIII.

Applications: As a Nutrition Enhancer, it is widely used to produce multi-vitamin foodstuff and livestock fodder.

Vitamin K₁ Powder(Microcapsule)

Vitamin K₁ Powder is also called vitamin K1 micro-capsule or vitamin K1 SD. It is free flowing micro-capsule based on pharmaceutical grade vitamin K1, which is emulsified, carried and coated and dried.


Synonym: Phytonadione powder, phylloquinone powder.

Type:Vitamin Ingredients

Characteristics:Light yellow to yellow powder, odorless

Molecular formula:C31H46O2

Molecular weight :450.705

Reference standard:Enterprise Standard.


1. It is can be used as nutrition enhancer in milk powder, biscuit and other foodstuff or foodstuff for pets as well as healthy products.

2.In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used to produce vitamin k1 tablet.

Packing: 1kg/aluminum tin, 5kg/aluminum tin, 25kg/drum

Storage: Room temperature, light resistance and in closed container.

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