• Eucalyptus oil CAS 84625-32-1

    Eucalyptus oil CAS 84625-32-1

    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional China Eucalyptus Oil supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Eucalyptus Oil, or to cooperate with Eucalyptus Oil manufacturers, factory dire...
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  • Beta Cyclodextrin

    Beta Cyclodextrin

    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional Beta Cyclodextrin supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Cyclodextrin, please feel free to contact us at ...
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  • Curcumin


    Curcumin Product Name: Turmeric Extract Other Names: Natural Yellow, tumeric yellow, yellow ginger, yellow root CAS: 458-37-7 Molecular Formula: C21H20O6 Mole...
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  • Citronella Oil

    Citronella Oil

    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional China Citronella Oil supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Citronella Oil, or to cooperate with Citronella Oil manufacturers, facto...
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  • Carthamins Yellow Powder

    Carthamins Yellow Powder

    Carthamus(Safflower)Yellow is a natural food pigment. Carthamins yellow is a water soluble yellow colorant extracted from safflower, the dry flower of Carthamus tinctorius L., by extraction, filtration, concentration...
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  • Lavender Oil

    Lavender Oil

    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional China Lavender Oil supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Lavender Oil , or to cooperate with Lavender Oil  manufacturers, f...
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  • Gardenia Yellow

    Gardenia Yellow

    Gardenia Yellow CAS 94238-00-3 Product Name: Color Value E60 Gardenia Yellow, Gardenia Yellow E100 Character: Natural Colorant Crocin Yellow (Gardenia Yellow) Powder without any&...
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  • Cedarwood oil

    Cedarwood oil

    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional China Cedarwood oil supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Cedarwood oil , or to cooperate with Cedarwood oil manufacturers, fact...
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  • Gardenia Blue

    Gardenia Blue

    Gardenia blue powder, Gardenia extract natural food color, gardenia blue pigment as coloring(colorant),food additive,food ingredient. [Source]: It is made by performing biological processing and physical proces...
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  • Turpentine


    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional China Turpentine supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Turpentine , or to cooperate with Turpentine manufacturers...
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  • Pine oil

    Pine oil

    LIFELONG CHEMICAL is a professional China Pine oil supplier, factory and manufacturer since 1995. If you plan to buy Pine oil , or to cooperate with Pine oil manufacturers, fact...
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  • Beet Root Red

    Beet Root Red

    Beet Root Red CAS No. 7659-95-2 Source: Beta vulgaris L Part: Root Main Active Ingredient: Nature Pigment, anthocyanin Characters: 1. Red purple to purple red water-s...
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  • Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa Powder Natural Cocoa Powder Alkalized Cocoa Powder Dark Alkalized Cocoa Powder Black Cocoa Powder High-Fat Cocoa Powder OEM Small Packaging Co...
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  • Beta-Carotene


    Beta-Carotene Other Name: β-Carotene CAS: 7235-40-7 EINECS:230-636-6 β-Carotene has two forms: healthy functional food ingredients and natural colorants in the form of crystals ( β-Carotene 96%), oil su...
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  • Lutein Marigold flower Powder

    Lutein Marigold flower Powder

    Lutein CAS: 127-40-2 EINECS: 204-840-0 MF: C40H56O2 MW: 568.85 Synonyms: MARIGOLD;MARIGOLD FLOWER POWDER, Tagetes erecta L.lutein Origin: Marigold flower ...
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  • Capsanthin


    Natural Pigment Capsanthin, Paprika extract Product Name: Capsanthin CAS No.: 465-42-9 Capsanthin is extracted from Paprika Oleoresin capsicum with the characters of dark red oil-li...
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